ACRA launches trustBar verification service

Last updated on 14 July 2023

ACRA has launched a new verification service called trustBar to increase the reliability and trustworthiness of its Business Profiles and Business certificates. These are used by businesses and the public to verify facts about businesses and those involved. The new service is a boon to entrepreneurs starting a business in Singapore or investors looking to invest in or enter into joint ventures with companies here.

The trustBar verification service ensures fast and efficient authentication of ACRA’s Business Profiles and certificates. Previously, those seeking verified Business Profiles would have to pay additional charges for a “Business Profile with Certificate of Production”. With the introduction of trustBar, the certification feature comes standard with all regular purchases of ACRA Business Profiles. Customers will receive a PDF file and an OpenAttestation (OA) file after purchase.

Customers can verify the authenticity of the business profile or business certificate in the trustBar portal in three ways: Scanning the QR Code in the PDF document, visiting the verification URL found in the PDF document, or uploading the OA file in the trustBar portal.

ACRA is working to introduce the trustBar service to its other business information products in the future. Our corporate secretarial services are a good first stop for more information on ACRA compliance matters.