HR and Payroll Services

Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Without the hard work and diligence of its staff, most companies will not be able to deliver on its promise of service quality and customer satisfaction.
When you outsource hr payroll services to a professional services firm like us, you will be ensured of the timely execution of your staff HR and payroll matters such as preparation of payslips, calculation and submission of CPF contributions for staff, payroll administration, staff leave administration and preparation of Form IR8A for staff.
As a leading payroll services provider in Singapore, we provide timely and efficient payroll solutions for our clients.

Payroll Setup

When you outsource HR payroll services to us, you will be assigned a payroll specialist who will personally work with you on your payroll needs. We will set up your payroll system on a cloud-based payroll software that suits your needs.

Payroll administration is important. However, just as important is the setting up of a payroll administration system that suits your current needs whilst maintaining the flexibility for growth and expansion in the future.

When you engage our HR and payroll service, you will be assigned a payroll specialist who will personally work with you on your payroll needs. Our administration of your staff payroll will help reduce errors and give you peace of mind, which is our aim as a payroll services provider. It also allows you to scale up or down when the need arises.

Based on the information and required documents you submit to us, your payroll specialist will review and organise the submitted information to create and maintain your payroll ledger on a payroll cloud software. As a leading payroll services provider, we embrace the use of technology to enhance our productivity and pass on those benefits to our clients.

The benefits of using a payroll cloud software include:

  • Faster and more accurate processing of staff payroll
  • 24/7 access to HR application from anywhere
  • Protection for your data by the cloud service provider
  • Self-service portal available to employees remotely
  • Environmentally-friendly as less paper used in cloud-based payroll applications

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