Business Advisory Services

A big portion of our clients depend on us for Business Advisory and Management Consulting Services. With these services, we assist out clients by providing expert advice to identify, recommend, implement and evaluate new strategies to improve their organisational performance and operational efficiency.

Our Business Advisory and Management Consulting Services may be engaged to transform the entire business or for a specific project, depending on the requirements of each individual client. We have a wide range of services to suit almost every client’s needs and situation.

Operational and Process Excellence

Internal Audit Services

Most companies think of auditing as an audit of a company’s finances. However, carrying out an internal audit of a company’s business processes can be very valuable in positioning the company for growth and change.

With an internal audit, we help companies evaluate their internal controls, corporate governance and accounting processes. This helps ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, proper and timely data collection as well as efficient and relevant financial reporting. It is better to find out the gaps through an internal audit rather than an external audit (whether mandated by law or otherwise).

After identifying the process and structural gaps that need to be addressed, we will assist companies to design a plan to fill those gaps, build the internal structures needs to implement the necessary changes and evaluate the effectiveness of the new processes and control measures.

The areas that we can help clients with include:

  • Developing the internal control environment in the company
  • Advisory on the implementation on new control measures
  • Advisory on business continuity plan and managing core operational risks
  • Advisory on implementing change management within the company to transition from current practices to more efficient and goal-oriented ones
  • Advisory on aligning operational strategies to business goals
  • Advisory on consolidating and codifying their corporate governance processes

As we operate in a fast-changing business environment today, taking the time to do an internal audit may prove to bring more reality and substance to your decision-making for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

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