Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

All businesses and companies need to keep proper accounting records for their own business needs as well as regulatory compliance. The landscape for accounting is changing rapidly. With remote working becoming the new norm, the use of technology in accounting such as cloud accounting services has become increasing prevalent and important.

As more companies embrace working from home and the de-centralisation of their operations, more efficient and productive ways are sought to keep their businesses running and profitable. Our company has also leveraged the use of technology to help our clients find the edge in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore, offering flexibility and efficiencies. We have a whole suite of professional services to meet your needs.

Outsourcing your accounting requirements in Singapore to us would allow you to optimise your manpower resources. We will help you prepare your company’s accounts in compliance with accounting standards.

With the volatile landscape and the competitive business environment, let us take your headache out of your accounting and bookkeeping needs as one of the most established locally grown accounting services in Singapore, so that you can focus on driving your businesses forward.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting enables you to perform your accounting operations over the internet. The biggest advantage of cloud accounting is that your accounting operations can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time and from any device via web browsers. You no longer need to wait to get to a fixed computer to create an invoice or a purchase order. This can be done easily anywhere, any time.

Our cloud accounting services offer you real-time and up-to-date information on your accounting operations at the tip of your fingers. With cloud accounting services, you are also able to easily generate reports that are crucial to hitting your business goals.

On-premise Bookkeeping Services Singapore

In the case of on-premise bookkeeping, the person hired to do the bookkeeping will be physically present at the place of business where they have been hired. This is a great way for the bookkeeper to interact with clients one-on-one and gain personal insights on the business they are accounting for. Businesses can hire a short-term, temporary onsite bookkeeper via the bookkeeping firm. A disadvantage is that your bookkeeper may not be present at all times and you may have to do some bookkeeping yourself in their absence.

Off-premise Bookkeeping Services Singapore

Off-premise bookkeeping is much cheaper than on-premise bookkeeping because the work is done virtually through technological platforms, which is also very efficient presuming the bookkeeper is using up-to-date software and databases. You send the invoices in from your business to the office of your bookkeeper, and you can feel more comfortable knowing that a professional is handling your finances and you need not worry about doing the work yourself.

Assistance in Key Business Transactions

When you engage us for your accounting services in Singapore, we believe in becoming partners in our clients’ success and profitability. To that end, we regularly assist our clients in highlighting and reporting key business transactions in their businesses, including:

  • Smart accounting transaction posting using cloud software for real time information
  • Customised chart of accounts tailored to your needs
  • Sales reconciliation (Invoice processing and accounts receivables)
  • Payments to vendors, petty cash, staff claim expenses and other withdrawals
  • Maintain accounting ledgers for accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash accounts and bank reconciliations
  • Reporting of income statement & trial balance sheet


1. How long must I keep my company's accounting records?

All companies in Singapore must keep accounting records as well as any other document pertaining to the company’s business transactions and financial position for a period of not less than 5 years from the end of the financial year in which the transactions or operations to which those records relate are completed.

2. What records should I keep?

Companies are required to keep proper records and accounts of business transactions. These include the source documents, accounting records and schedules, bank statements and any other records of transactions (such as purchase orders) connected with your business.

3. Why is cloud accounting better?

Cloud accounting allows you and your team to access your accounts from anywhere. From an accountant’s perspective, we are able to monitor and access your files on a regular basis to advise areas of concern or opportunity. From a business owner’s perspective, it allows you to access your accounting operations from anywhere, saving your time and increase your productivity.

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