ACRA introduces download page to combat phishing scams

Last updated on 14 July 2023

To combat the increase in phishing scams, ACRA has discontinued providing a download link for customers purchasing its information products. In its place, customers can download their purchases from download or ACRA’s iShop homepage. The new measures come on the back of an increase in scams involving banks and government agencies such as the CPF Board.

The customer must enter the receipt number after purchasing their products via BizFile or ACRA’s iShop page. The receipt number can be found in the product confirmation email sent by ACRA to the email address provided by the customer during the purchase.

ACRA’s business profiles and certificates have also introduced new authentication features. After filing their annual returns, companies entitled to a free ACRA business profile will also be directed to download their product via the same methods. Companies that outsource the filing of their annual returns should check with their corporate secretarial services providers to download their ACRA business profile.