It is a statutory requirement for all Singapore registered companies to have a local registered office. The address must be a physical location, not a post office box. This is to facilitate any authorised personnel’s rights to visit this office to deliver documents by hand, and to inspect statutory registers and documents. All official documents such as notices and reminders from government authorities will also be sent to the registered office, where all statutory records are kept for the company.

Our registered address service allows your Company to register our address with the Company Registrar. We will, on a contractual basis, accept all incoming mail addressed to the Company and notify you promptly of such correspondences. You may choose the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) of the forwarding of your mail to a forwarding address. If you authorise us to open up all incoming mail, we will also be able to take immediate action on any issues or requirements raised by government authorities such as ACRA and IRAS. This leaves you with the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business that generates more income.

Benefits of using our Registered Address Services

  • Custody and retention of Company statutory records
  • Mails received will be promptly brought to the attention of the Company
  • Compliance with any statutory requirements of a Registered Office
  • Act as mailing address for correspondence and packages from outside parties (e.g. banks, customers or suppliers)
  • Address may be used on Company letterheads, business cards and/or corporate brochures
  • Update your company’s record of Registered Address with relevant government bodies
  • Cost savings from not having to rent office premises