If you are currently doing payroll services in-house, there is a high chance that you are wasting precious human and financial resources. Outsourcing your company’s payroll services is more likely to be a more efficient and saves you money.

A professional payroll services provider is far less likely to make serious errors as they will be more updated on tax laws and statutory requirements for payroll-related matters. Furthermore, penalties for rectifying errors can prove to be a costly exercise.

Our payroll services are professionally yet flexible enough to meet varying clients’ needs and requirements. With strong processes and systems in place, and administered by the right people, we guarantee satisfaction as well as the timely and accurate handling of your company’s payroll matters.


Our scope of Services include:

  • Monthly administration and management payroll reports
  • Calculating & filing of monthly statutory contributions  (CPF, CDAC, SINDA, MBMF, ECF, SDL and FWL)
  • Filing of year-end income & preparation of tax reports
  • Filing of IR21 (foreign worker tax clearance)
  • Electronic submission for NS Men Make-Up Pay, Maternity claims , Child Care claims
  • Salary crediting into employee's bank account and statutory payments
  • Leave and expense claims administration