Different types of company registration

Our associate firm, Metropolitan Management Services Pte. Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of services relating to business formation, including:

  • Incorporating of a private limited company
  • Incorporating of a limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Registration of a branch in Singapore
  • Registration of Singapore representative office
  • Assist formation of offshore companies (e.g. British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, etc)
  • Connecting or assisting with incorporations overseas entity (e.g. Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, etc)

Our work does not end with business setup. We support every stage of a business development from company incorporation to regional expansion. We provide one-stop solution to businesses.

Benefits of Incorporating a Private Limited Company

Private limited company is the most preferred and common business form in Singapore. Majority of companies in Singapore are registered as companies limited by shares. The reasons are:

  • A private limited company is a legal entity on its own separate from its owners. Therefore, company’s directors and shareholders are not liable for company’s debts have limited liability and are not personally liable for debts and losses of company
  • Can sue or be sued in its own name
  • Can own or hold properties in its own name
  • A private limited company enjoys special tax exemptions
  • No taxes on first S$100,000 taxable income for first three years of assessment from incorporation (Qualitfying companies only)
  • Low flat tax rate of 17% on taxable income above S$300,000
  • Zero taxes on capital gains and dividends income (only foreign sourced dividend is exempted)
  • No controls or restrictions on repatriation of profits to investors

Key Facts on Incorporation of Company

Company name

  • The name has to be approved before the incorporation procedure can be processed.


  • Minimum of 1 director, who must either be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, entrepass, employment pass or dependent pass holder.
  • At least 18 years of age and not bankrupt or convicted of malpractice in the past


  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum – Private Limited: 50; Exempt private: 20
  • For exempt private companies, no corporate shareholders are allowed
  • Can be same person as director
  • No regulation on share transfers between individuals after incorporation

Company secretary

(Section 171 Companies Act)

  • A qualified secretary has to be appointed within 6 months of incorporation
  • Sole director/shareholder cannot act as company secretary.
  • Must be a natural person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore

Paid-up capital

  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1
  • No concept of authorised capital for Singapore companies

Registered address

  • Have to be a local address
  • Must be a physical address, not a PO Box

Consideration for foreigners

  • Have to engage a professional firm to register the company (foreign individuals/entities are not allowed to self-register)
  • No requirement to obtain visa to incorporate in Singapore. Operation can be conducted overseas and visit on a visitor visa to attend company matters
  • If you plan to relocate to Singapore, an employment/entrepreneur pass is required
  • All formalities can be handled without visiting Singapore


Please contact us if you need further advice on how to form a Singapore company.